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I’m an employer, and I would like to establish a relationship with a clinic where I can send my employees for medicals and injury management – how do I go about this?

We would absolutely love to form connections with local industry and to support you and your employees with their medical needs. If you would like to establish a formal process whereby you regularly refer your employees or potential employees to us for pre-employment medicals and/or injury management, and then we supply you with regular updates on their progress and status, please send us an email. We can then arrange a time for us to meet in person and discuss your requirements. We also like to arrange for a member of our team to do a worksite visit, in order to familiarise themselves with the environment and the team.

We have established our Occupational Health services under the guidance of Dr Trevor Brott. Dr Brott has over 30 years of experience in Occupational Health, and has worked with numerous factories and industry bodies to provide their workers with ongoing care and injury management.

What is a pre-employment medical?

Some employers require their employees or potential employees to undertake a full medical examination before being placed into certain roles, in order to ensure that the workplace is safe for the worker, and that the worker can safely perform the role. This may be the case if you are working or planning to work for example in a factory setting, operating heavy machinery or as a truck driver.

A pre-employment medical usually requires a 30 minute appointment, or longer depending on your individual needs and the workplace requirements. Often testing such as audiometry, visual acuity and urine drug screening are performed, and a brief report is supplied to the employer.

What is an insurance medical?

Insurance companies may request that you undertake a full medical examination in order to take out certain insurance policies, such as life insurance or income protection. If you have been asked to complete one of these, it is important to note the requirements of the specific insurance company, including whether they have their own specific checklist to complete, and pass this information on at the time of booking. Typically these appointments would require 30 minutes, but may require longer depending on the requirements of the insurer and your specific circumstances. The insurer usually requires some form of reporting to take place after the medical examination and testing have been completed.

If you require a pre-employment or an insurance medical, why not have it delivered in the most comfortable and relaxing medical centre possible?

Please give one of our clinics a call by clicking below if you require a pre-employment or insurance medical appointment.

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