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Workcover and TAC

Workcover Consultations in Cranbourne North and Croydon

If you or one of your employees has suffered a work related injury, you will need an experienced and thorough GP to assess the patient and produce a WorkCover certificate of capacity. Additionally, the patient may need ongoing injury management. In our experience, both patients and businesses are more satisfied and benefitted if the patient can return to work in some capacity sooner rather than later.

A WorkCover certificate of capacity outlines the duties that the injured party can or cannot perform at work, as well as anything that can aid in the recovery. This certificate is also required to communicate the WorkCover case with the workers insurer, employer, and other health professionals involved.

Your HealthMint doctor is also able to assist if your injury has had an effect on your emotional wellbeing, in conjunction with our onsite Psychologist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. In addition, we have a treatment room where we are able to carry out casting and splinting of fractured limbs.

Are you an employer, looking to form a relationship with a clinic where you can send patients for injury management?

We would absolutely love to form connections with local industry and to support you and your employees with their medical needs. If you would like to establish a formal process whereby you refer your employees or potential employees to us for pre-employment medicals and/or injury management, and then we supply you with regular updates on their progress and status, please send us an email by clicking here. We can then arrange a time for us to meet in person and discuss your requirements. We also like to arrange for a member of our team to do a worksite visit, in order to familiarise themselves with the environment and the team.

We have established our Occupational Health services under the guidance of Dr Trevor Brott. Dr Brott has over 30 years of experience in Occupational Health, and has worked with numerous factories and industry bodies to provide their workers with ongoing care and injury management.

To read more about employment medicals, please click here.

Transport Accident Commission Consultations

Car accidents can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health and wellbeing. At HealthMint our team is here to help you during this difficult time in a relaxing and stress free environment. In fact, your GP can be absolutely crucial in assisting your health outcomes and in facilitating your to return to work.

In most cases, a patient will rely on their GP for advice and coordinating medical treatment and services to assist with their overall recovery, rehabilitation and return to work including:

  • Monitoring and reviewing progress and outcomes.
  • Prescribing safe and clinically appropriate pharmacy items in accordance with the Transport Accident Commission’s pharmacy policy.
  • Referrals to other healthcare services and monitoring the effectiveness of these services.
  • Discussing the health benefits of work and emphasising that work is an important part of recovery.
  • Assessing and certifying capacity.
  • Identifying any barriers to return to work.
  • Communicating a patient’s capacity with their employer where appropriate.

HealthMint is here to assist you with your TAC claim, whether it be for completion of paperwork, referral to other healthcare services or for any other accident related concern you have.