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What are e-Scripts?


eRx Script Exchange is an Australia-wide internet based gateway allowing prescriptions to be sent electronically and securely between doctors, patients, and pharmacists. It was developed to improve patient safety by ensuring that the information on your prescription arrives at the pharmacy exactly as the doctor intended.

Why are eScripts important?

Electronic prescriptions reduce the chance of error during dispensing, which means greater safety and confidence that you are receiving the right medication at the right time.
You will have a better health care experience overall, as a result of improved coordination and management of care between GPs and pharmacies.
Advances in eHealth technology, such as eRx Script Exchange, are an important step in managing the growing health care costs in Australia.

How do eScripts work?


1. Consult with your GP at HealthMint

Whether you see your doctor in clinic, or via Telehealth, you can discuss your options for treatment. Consider non-medication and medication options with your doctor. Should medication be necessary, your doctor will be happy to send you an eScript. Be sure that your email address and phone number is up to date in our system before your doctor sends the eScript. You can nominate the email address of someone else you trust if you’re unable to receive email or go to the pharmacy.

patient and doctor sitting in an appointment discussing chronic disease management

2. Receive your eScript via email or SMS 

Once you have agreed on which treatment is best for you, your doctor will send you your eScript via email or SMS. You’ll receive it nearly instantly, from [email protected] – be sure to check your junk mail if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. Remember that this is a valid, legal prescription, so be sure your device is secure, and don’t forward the email to anyone else. eScripts must be sent to the patient or their nominated person, and are not sent to the pharmacy directly.

receive your escript via email

3. Click the link to access your eScript QR Code

Click the link in the email you receive to open your eScript QR Code. This is the QR Code you need to present to the pharmacist to have your eScript filled. You will receive a different QR Code for each medicine. Be sure to take your QR Code with you to the pharmacy. This is as easy as taking your phone or tablet with you!

escript QR code

4. Fill your eScript at the pharmacy

Call your local pharmacy to check that they accept eScripts. We have made a list of those accepting eScripts local to our HealthMint locations.  When you arrive at the pharmacy, they will scan your eScript QR code and dispense your medicine. Easy!

pick your escript up from the pharmacy

Which pharmacies support eScript?

This list will updated periodically – if your local pharmacy is not on the list please contact the pharmacy directly or call a HealthMint clinic

Cranbourne and Surrounds

Bloom’s the ChemistCasey Central
Chemist WarehouseEve Central
Chemist WarehouseThe Avenue
Chemist WarehouseSpringhill SC
Priceline PharmacyThompsons Parkway
Berwick Springs Pharmacy – Compounding ChemistBerwick
Beaconsfield Guardian PharmacyBeaconsfield
Pharmacy Select Marriot WatersLyndhurst
Selandra Rise Amcal PharmacyClyde North
Chemist Discount CentreParkhill
Chemist Warehouse Home CoKeysborough
Eden Rise PharmacyEden Rise Berwick
Chemist WarehouseShepparton, Wyndham Street
Amberley Park PharmacyNarre Warren South
Discount Drug StorePakenham
TerryWhite ChemmartClyde- Berwick Cranbourne Road
Chemist DiscountOfficer
Chemist DiscountEndeavour Hills
Chemist DiscountBerwick Marketplace

Croydon and Surrounds

Chemist WarehouseCroydon Central SC
Direct chemist outletCroydon Main street
Terry White ChemmartCroydon Arndale Centre
Chemist Warehouse RingwoodRingwood
D G Grey and Burns
Arndale Chemmart Pharmacy
Croydon Caremore Pharmacy
Kilsyth Caremore Pharmacy
Eastfield Pharmacy
Croydon Hills Pharmacy
National Pharmacies
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