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The HealthMint Experience

“You’ve come to this page for a reason, and we’re so glad you’re here. This is your opportunity to invest in the industry that you know and love. Together, we have the potential to progress General Practice and shape the way care is delivered for the next generation. It doesn’t all have to be corporates, dinosaur clinics, conveyor belt medicine and commoditised care. There is a better way, and we would love to show you how you can work in the field you are passionate about while building a legacy and contributing to the healthcare landscape.”

– Dr Paul Tescher & Chantelle Brott – Co-Founders

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Why HealthMint?

We see things differently – do you?

We are experienced and we know how to run our GP practices really well - so you can benefit from our support and resources!

  • We’ve done it ourselves from scratch
  • The model is ready made, tried and tested with all systems and processes in place
  • We provide a systemised model, primed for growth, that empowers Practice Partners to focus on delivering quality experiences for their patients

Flexible partnership options - own it yourself or co-invest with us

  • Opportunity to partner, learn and grow from those who have done it before
  • Opportunity to share risk, resources and to optimise growth and your return on investment
  • You can own your clinic outright and operate under the HealthMint model or we can co-invest in it with you, greatly reducing your start-up costs and sharing the risk

Enjoy our private billing and Slow Medicine model

  • Growing public demand for patient care model and focus on slow medicine
  • Maximise earning potential with a private billing model
  • Feel like you have more time to enjoy what you do as a doctor

We are Market Leading - Pioneers of the Patient Experience Model of Care

  • Learn and grow from pioneers who have all the systems and processes in place to provide exceptional patient care
  • Benefit from our well-earned reputation and profile
  • Be part of a team committed to our patient’s best interests and providing an exceptional patient experience

Work with a leadership team that is invested, enthusiastic and passionate

  • Invested leadership team, including GP’s, who know what it takes to build a successful business that has the patient and practitioner front and centre
  • Non corporate, GP owned, decisions made by GPs prioritising patient needs

Work with with an Ethics Driven Team

  • Ethics driven, purpose over profit
  • We’re doing this because we truly believe in what we can achieve working with other like minded people towards improving healthcare
  • Be part of our purpose driven approach where the patient is the focal point in all we do (software, waiting times, holistic health experience etc.)

Business in the time of COVID, from Paul and Chantelle

2020 has been one of the most uniquely challenging years for business owners around the globe. Despite this challenge, it’s also been the time in which HealthMint has managed to:

open a second location; 

attract several amazing and dedicated new GPs and 

solidify our business operations and cash management system – shoring up the business against future risks & staying cash-flow positive

Pivoted to video-enabled Telehealth from the start – protecting staff, patients and business viability

That’s not to say that it’s been easy, quite the opposite. When reflecting on why we were able to do the above, we found the following key learnings:

  1. We learnt a lot about the strength of our systems and model during this time. Covid has been the ultimate ‘stress test’!
  2. We developed a deep gratitude for being an ‘essential service’, able to continue operating during the lockdowns. 
  3. We also learnt about how important it is for business owners/leaders to be nimble and responsive. Organisations with heavy leadership teams can be slow to respond, especially if the leaders haven’t actually run clinics themselves. 

Because we are ‘on the ground’ as owners/leaders and have great systems, we were able to pivot lightning fast. We were even one of the first clinics in Australia to start offering video consults (even before Medicare announced the Telehealth item numbers). Within 1 day of news that a GP clinic in Toorak had shut down due to a COVID-scare, we had set up our clinic so that if needed our whole team (nurses, admin, doctors, allied) could work from home and keep HealthMint functioning ‘virtually’. 

What does this mean for you? It means that the opportunities are certainly there, even in the wake of the global pandemic.

People are more grateful than ever for slower, more tailored and holistic care. We’ve managed to grow our patient base, staff & locations during 2020. This motivates us more than ever before to find those people out there who are just like us, who believe in looking at their journey differently and finding ways they can reach their full potential.

We believe in looking at things differently to find new ways to reach potential. Is it time for you to reach your potential? Reach out to find out more…


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