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Flu Vaccine

Bookings for flu vaccines:

Appointment bookings are now available for your 2024 Flu Vaccine at HealthMint Cranbourne and Croydon.

We have allocated specific days/times for our vaccine drive to minimise disruption to regular GP appointments.

Steps to book your appointment:

1. To book your Flu Vaccine appointment click on one of the booking buttons below to select your desired location

2. Then select “Book Appointment”

3. Then select ‘Flu Drive’ with the practice nurse

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Book at Cranbourne
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Why get immunised against influenza?

Information directly sourced from the Australian Government Department of Health

Influenza is a very contagious infection of the airways. It is especially serious for babies, people over 65 years of age and pregnant women.

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to protect you from serious disease caused by influenza.

By getting vaccinated against influenza, you can also help protect other people, especially people who are too sick or too young to be vaccinated. The more people who are vaccinated in your community, the less likely the disease will spread.

Who should get immunised against influenza?

Anyone who wants to protect themselves against influenza can talk to their doctor about getting immunised.

You should get the influenza vaccine every year. This is because the most common strains of the virus that cause  influenza change every year. The vaccine also changes every year to match these strains.

Influenza immunisation is recommended every year for:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and over, for free under the National Immunisation Program (NIP)
  • people aged 6 months to under 5 years, for free under the NIP
  • people aged 6 months or over who have medical conditions that mean they have a higher risk of getting serious disease, for free under the NIP
  • pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, for free under the NIP
  • people aged 65 years or over, for free under the NIP
  • all children over 6 months and all adults
  • women who are planning a pregnancy
  • people who live or work in aged care homes or long-term facilities
  • homeless people, and the people who care for them
  • healthcare workers
  • people who live or work in the same household as someone who is at high risk of serious disease from influenza
  • people who work in early childhood education and care
  • people who work in the chicken or pig industries, if there is an outbreak of bird flu or swine flu
  • people who are travelling overseas.


Do I need to pay for influenza immunisation?

There are two components to consider when considering the flu vaccine. The cost of the vaccine itself and the cost of the appointment.

What is the cost of the vaccine?

Vaccines covered by the NIP are provided by the government for free for people who are eligible. See the NIP Schedule to find out which vaccines you or your family are eligible to receive.

Government-funded flu vaccines may be available under the NIP for the following:

  1. Children 6 months to less than 5 years of age
  2. People 6 months and over with specified medical risk conditions
  3. People 65 years and over
  4. Pregnant women
  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

If you are not eligible for a government-funded vaccine, you will need to pay for the vaccine. 

What is the cost of the appointment?

Each year we schedule specific days and times for our ‘flu-drive.’ These appointments are for people to come in and receive their vaccination. Patients who attend a flu drive appointment will be bulk-billed for the appointment component (and the cost of the vaccine will depend on whether you are eligible for a government-funded or a private vaccine – see above). We will release further information on how to book in for our upcoming flu drive sessions in the coming weeks.

If you attend a standard appointment, and also happen to get your flu vaccine during this appointment, our standard consultation fees will apply. Whether you are eligible for a government-funded or a private vaccine will determine if there is an additional cost for the vaccine itself.

Outside of our annual flu-drive season, it is best to contact one of our admin team and discuss your needs. They may offer you a quick-consult to receive your vaccine.

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