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Shared Antenatal Care

Shared Antenatal Care in Cranbourne

shared pregnancy care at healthmint medical centre

What is Shared Antenatal Care?

Shared care is an arrangement between a birthing hospital or other birth setting and a local practitioner, usually a GP. You see your GP for some pregnancy appointments, and you also have hospital appointments in early and later pregnancy. In some rural areas, the GP is at the birth.
Many public hospitals offer GP shared care. This would include Casey Hospital and Frankston Hospital.
If you live in a rural area, some of your regular pregnancy appointments might be with your GP.
Shared care is an option only for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies.
In Australia, GPs who provide shared care must have extra training and qualifications and a special agreement with a birthing hospital.

Why some women like Shared Antenatal Care

Some women like shared care because they’re familiar with their GP, their GP knows their medical history, and the care is usually close to home. If English is your second language, your GP might speak your first language and know about your cultural needs.
Finding a GP you feel comfortable with means that you can get to know each other and talk openly. A GP who knows you can help you make good choices about your care.

Arranging Shared Antenatal Care

Dr Imasha offers shared care services at our Cranbourne clinic. If you’re interested in shared care, you can call the Cranbourne clinic to get more information or book in with Dr Imasha to discuss further.

Cost of Shared Antenatal Care

If you have a Medicare card, your out of pocket cost for your initial 30 minute appointment will be $102.65 and for 15- minute appointments the out of pocket will be $74.25.

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Dr Imasha explains the holistic journey through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy Shared Care

General Practitioner (MBBS, DCH, FRACGP)

Imasha was originally from Sri Lanka before moving to Australia several years ago. ⁠
She has training in Emergency Medicine, and spent 12 months in paediatric emergency where she was awarded a Diploma in Child Health by the Sydney Children’s Hospital network. ⁠
Imasha found opportunity for a diverse experience within general practice and embarked on specialist GP training in 2018. ⁠
She received her fellowship with Royal Australian College of General Practice and has since moved back to Melbourne.⁠

Dr Imasha loves all aspects of general medicine with special interest in:⁠
⭐Children’s Health
⭐Women’s Health
⭐Family Planning and Contraception⁠
⭐Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
⭐IUD and Implant Insertion

She takes great pride in her work helping patients with their health needs in a collaborative manner and always seeks to maintain positive, respectful relationships.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her young family, enjoying nature and gardening.

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