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HealthMint Croydon Medical Centre

Creating a medical centre like no other in Croydon

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Hello and welcome to HealthMint Croydon! If you’re looking for a Croydon GP, then you’ve come to the right place.

The independent doctors who consult at our Croydon clinic, and our support team, are dedicated to bringing the glowing reputation, genuine care and top standards that HealthMint has become known for, to the beautiful families of Croydon. The doctors who are drawn to consult in our space all share our values of creating a comfortable and inviting environment so you can feel relaxed and confident that your health is in good hands. The doctors in Croydon have a particular focus on preventative healthcare, as well as special interests in chronic disease management, skin checks and mole removal.

HealthMint was born from the belief that healthcare can and should be better and that by viewing healthcare from a fresh perspective we can help others reach their potential. We are proud of our average 5-minute wait time and the glowing feedback received on a daily basis! If this sounds like the right fit for you and your family, please either call our friendly reception or book online!

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HealthMint Croydon Central shopping centre map

Croydon Central Shopping Centre Logo HealthMint Medical Centre

HealthMint Medical Centre at Croydon Central Shopping Centre

5-15 Kent Avenue
Croydon, 3136
(03) 8777 0666

Monday to Wednesday: 8:30am-6pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 6pm
Friday: 8:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

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“If you value your time,

your comfort,

and your health, 

there is no other choice.”

Independent Doctors and Allied Health Practitioners who Consult at our Croydon Family Practice

The independent doctors who consult at HealthMint Croydon are all carefully selected for their empathy, relatability and experience and they are great with kids too!

We also have a range of on-site allied health services utilising our rooms, such as podiatry and pathology.

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Meet the Staff Supporting the Doctors in Croydon

Interested in joining the HealthMint Croydon Team?

Services provided by the independent doctors and allied health practitioners at HealthMint Croydon

Services offered by the independent Croydon GPs 

HealthMint is a family practice in Croydon where our nursing and admin team support the independent GPs to provide a range of services to the community. These services provided by the independent Croydon doctors include:

Telehealth | Women’s medicine | Children’s medicine | Men’s medicine | Mental Health | Skin and mole checks | Immunisations |  TAC and workcover | Chronic Disease Management | Wound Care and Minor Surgical Procedures | Wound care and Minor Surgical Procedures | Iron Infusions | + many more

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Skin Checks and Mole Removal

It is so important to keep on top of any skin changes on your body. If you ever notice anything unusual or any changes, please ensure you see a doctor immediately. Remember to thoroughly check your entire body, even areas not exposed to the sun, as it is possible for cancers to still occur in these areas. Some of the independent GPs who consult at our Croydon Medical Centre offer skin checks, as well as mole removals. 


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Services offered by the Allied Health practitioners using rooms at our family practice in Croydon

Australian Clinical Labs Pathology| Peak Health and Nutrition (Dietetics) | Anderson Podiatry

Health Checks


Comprehensive health check ups are offered by some of the independent doctors consulting at Croydon. They involve spending time with our nurse as well as a GP to go through a range of factors relevant to your age and gender


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GAP Free Health Check Up!

Get your health on it’s way to mint condition

30 minutes with the GP | 45 minutes with a nurse – Valued at $159! 

Why choose our Family Practice in Croydon?

Our GP Clinic is truly unlike any you would have seen before. What people love about our space is that it just gives you that feeling of wellness and calm when you walk in. 

Want to see what all the hype is about?

Our famous 5 minute wait time is certainly news worthy!

HealthMint has pioneered the ‘patient experience’ model of care. With us you can feel relaxed and confident that your health is in good hands and enjoy our average 5 minute wait!

For those who are already familiar with our concept, you will know how special the set up of our clinics are. Many have gone from dreading the doctor and having fragmented care to feeling empowered and motivated to engage with their health.

For the residents of Croydon and surrounds, this means a much higher standard for what a clinic should feel like, how it should operate and the level of respect and care that you deserve when seeking healthcare. No more rush-em-in rush-em-out, or old dingy plastic chairs. Your doctors will sit facing you, putting you at the centre of our attention, and longer appointments are prioritised. Plus we are committed to bringing our amazing average 5 minute wait time with us to Croydon.

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