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Weight Loss

in Cranbourne and Croydon

If you have a weight or nutrition goal then the doctors that consult at HealthMint are here to help you reach your potential.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy weight?

Being overweight puts you at risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, and some cancers (endometrial, breast and colon).

How can a doctor help me to lose weight?

Your GP can assess your weight, body composition, health and lifestyle. They can then help you to understand what elements may be affecting your weight, as well as the options available in terms of medications, lifestyle changes and even surgery in some circumstances. Your GP can also refer you to allied health, such as a dietitian, who can help you develop new healthy eating habits, or to a specialist if needed.

How can a doctor help me with eating and exercise?

You can be referred to see a dietitian who can review your eating habits and potentially explore things like why you have a particular relationship with food, as well as assist you in creating gradual changes that will stay with you for a lifetime.

In discussion with your GP you will also be guided as to what type of exercise will be suitable for you, taking into account any health issues you may have.

How can a doctor help me to stay on track?

The doctors who work at HealthMint understand that this may be a long journey. They recommend that you come in as often as you feel that you need, so that your progress can be monitored, and any difficulties that crop up along the way can be addressed. If you wish, you can book ahead for a fortnightly check in (or weekly if you prefer), to give you the peace of mind that someone is there to help you stay accountable.

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