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5 Reasons to get outside and play with your kids!

Kids love to get outside to play – and as parents know, they should get out in the fresh air as much as possible. The National Day of Real Play is a fantastic initiative to encourage parents to get their kids playing creatively. More than just play, getting out of the house has real health benefits for your children. Let’s look at some great reasons why you should take advantage of the National Day of Real Play and get your kids playing.

1. Helps to improve vision.

Studies by vision specialists have shown that when children play outside, it can help with their depth perception and distance vision. It makes sense that getting out of the four walls at home encourages their eyes to see further. You could take advantage of any scenic places in your area or hide things in your garden for them to find, to help them use their eyes at different ranges and depths.

2. Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a vitamin our body can get for itself, but we need sunlight to be able to make it. Unfortunately, as children stay indoors for longer periods, vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common. Don’t throw your sun safety teaching out, but just a few minutes of direct sunlight each day will help your child to keep their vitamin D up at the levels they need to stay healthy and strong.

3. Increased attention span.

Many parents have already discovered for themselves the benefits of getting their kids to “burn excess energy” before they settle down. It seems this instinct has scientific backing – children who play outside and are encouraged to join in creative activities have been shown to have an increased attention span when it’s time for other activities. Being able to focus on tasks is a great life skill for later, and getting active helps children to concentrate.

4. Reduced stress.

Sadly, stress levels in children are on the rise, and even young children are being brought to their doctors for consultations. While you should always seek advice if you have any concerns, encouraging your children to be outside can help to reduce their stress levels. Practising mindfulness exercises outside can also help kids to reduce stress and feel more balanced.

5. Muscle strength and coordination.

One of the easiest ways that we can get our children to improve their muscle strength is to encourage kids to use them! Getting outdoors provides lots of opportunities to run, play and get involved with sports.
Movement is the best way to see your children improve their gross and fine motor skills, and helps them to develop their muscles and improve their coordination.

There are so many more great reasons to get your kids outside and active. Have a look online for some National Day of Real Play activities that are being held in your area, and you’ll also find some great tips for easy and fun ways to get creative at home. If you do have any concerns about your children, remember to discuss them with your GP. You can click here to book if you need.

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