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The Friendliest Clinic for Mum and Bub

A medical clinic like no other - with friendly GPS, on site pathology, psychologists, hearing tests, dietitian, chiro and more!
HealthMint provides a calm and relaxing space for you and your child during your appointment

Children’s Health

Health checks for your baby are very important, as this is when a doctor monitors how your child is growing and to check whether any conditions are present so that treatment can be arranged. Children’s health and development should be checked consistently at certain weeks, months, and years old.

Family Planning and Pregnancy

If you’re planning for a baby, we recommend that you visit your GP before you conceive, to discuss things like lifestyle, exercise, eating habits, immunisations, supplements and your overall wellbeing. We offer pregnancy testing, antenatal care, 6 week mum and bub check up, plus much more.


Women’s Health

HealthMint encourages women to be mindful of the various health needs that are likely to arise across a woman’s lifespan. Our team are able to support you with all of these.


Immunisations can be an emotional time for mum and baby – that’s why HealthMint’s relaxing and calm space is a wonderful environment for a stress free experience. Many find the restful colours and soft music help to calm nerves and tears.

Family Medicine

HealthMint supports the whole family – find a trusted GP that knows you and your family. A relationship with your GP is important as you go through life and its stages

Mental Health

Mental health of new mums is incredibly important and crucial to the wellbeing of both mum and baby. Psychological illnesses (like Post Natal Depression) can affect the joy and wonder of motherhood. At HealthMint we offer GPs and Psychologists who are kind, friendly, and understanding of any challenges you may be going through in your journey as a mother.

From the moment you start planning

To when you have your first child

Through life’s ups and downs

To expanding your family

We are there for you

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