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General Practice Jobs for Nurses

Enhance your career and be part of the future of Health Care

General Practice Jobs for Nurses in Melbourne

If you’re a Division 1 or Division 2 nurse, looking for a position in a forward thinking, tech savvy GP clinic – please get in touch!

About Us

We believe in looking at things from different perspectives in order to help people reach their potential.

You know how a lot of young families who need to go to the doctor often hate being rushed in and out like just another number (in a factory or train station)? And how they aren’t really heard and don’t enjoy being in medical centres because the whole space feels sterile and uncomfortable? Well, what we have done is create a GP clinic with beautifully relaxing spaces where you feel confident that your health is in good hands, where appointments run on time and where you feel like you are still lounging at home while receiving tailored medical advice. Most importantly, patients are heard and never treated like a number.

We have done this by completely re-designing the look and feel of a medical centre, and utilising technology to its fullest in order to offer maximum efficiency and ease of access. This has helped us to attract independent practitioners who share in our vision to provide services to the community. Our practices in Cranbourne North and Croydon provide support services to independent GP and Allied Health practitioners.

Nurse in the treatment room at HealthMint Medical Centre

Duties and responsibilities of the jobs for nurses in our General Practice

Responsibilities will include:
  1. Caring for patients alongside the independent doctors who consult at HealthMint
  2. Coordinating recalls and reminders
  3. Supporting the independent GPs with care plans and minor procedures
  4. Triaging patients when necessary
  5. Ordering clinical stock
  6. Using your creativity and experience to create more efficient medical processes and procedures.
Our nurses form an integral part of our team and are important representatives of HealthMint.

Working with us is semi-autonomous allowing the flexibility to identify and implement improvements.

Desirable Experience

  1. Experience working in a medical centre
  2. Experience using Best Practice
  3. Accredited Nurse Immuniser
  4. Spirometry

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