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Drivers Licence Medicals in  Cranbourne North and Croydon

For private drivers, commercial drivers and heavy vehicle operators

How do I know if I need a medical examination in order to drive?

Certain people may require a medical examination in order to determine their fitness to drive. This includes people with a private drivers licence who have certain medical conditions, people who use a licence for commercial purposes, and people who drive heavy vehicles. For specific advice on your circumstances, it is best to refer to your local Driver Licensing Authority. In Victoria this is VicRoads. The Austroads website also provides information on the guidelines for assessing fitness to drive.

Driving any motor vehicle requires:

  • constant attention
  • good judgement
  • appropriate responsiveness
  • reasonable physical capability.

All of these can be affected by the driver’s physical and psychological health.

In addition professional drivers have a responsibility to:

  • respond honestly to questions asked of them by the examining health professional
  • comply with treatments and review periods as advised by the examining health professional

What kind of conditions can affect my ability to drive safely?

A range of medical conditions, as well as treatments, can impair your driving ability. Common examples include:

  • Blackouts
  • Sleep disorders
  • Vision problems
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Heart disease

You may need to report to your local drivers authority if you have a health condition which may affect your ability to drive safely.

What is a drivers licence medical?

A drivers licence medical includes a scheduled appointment with a GP, which usually runs for 30 minutes, but may be longer depending on your circumstances and the assessment required. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be best for you to come in first for a brief appointment to discuss your requirements with the GP, and then return for the full assessment.

During the assessment, your doctor will run through a medical examination, including things like blood pressure, height, weight, vision, audiometry and may also include urine drug screening. Usually, your employer or the driving authority, under which you require a medical, will provide a checklist of reporting requirements.

If you need a drivers medical report the doctors consulting at HealthMint can help! The GPs who consult at HealthMint are fully equipped to perform drivers medical examinations, for commercial drivers, heavy vehicle operators and private drivers with a medical condition. Contact one of our clinics by clicking below to schedule in your appointment, and make sure to mention that you’re after a drivers licence medical.

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