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Why have an annual health check?


Why have an annual health check?

There are a number of reasons why doctors encourage people to seriously consider incorporating an annual health check into their routine. We have seen time and again that a person can have health issues, sometimes serious issues, that they either haven’t noticed, or despite noticing symptoms that “aren’t quite right” they haven’t yet had the diagnosis and treatment they need. Sometimes these issues aren’t detectable without clinical testing, and if picked up early, can be managed before they become harder to treat.

We want to address this, to make sure you are as healthy as you can be. Or at least let you know if you’re not – and what to do to improve your health.


Think of your body like a car, which needs to get regular checks to keep running smoothly. Just like you get your tyre pressures & fluid levels checked, so does your body need regular checks. Doing so can help pick up issues and fix them before you end up with a car that breaks down and could be very costly to repair. The human body has its own set of things to measure and problems to watch out for, before they become difficult or impossible to repair. If a car struggles to run well after 10 – 15 years without a servicing, how is your body going to make it another 40, 50, 60 years without some detailed attention?

By getting a comprehensive Health Check through HealthMint, we can fully measure, assess and diagnose your current state of health. We can tell you how well your body is doing, what personalized risks are relevant to your future health, and what can be done now to optimize your health – including any conditions you might not even realise you might have.

We believe that healthcare can and should be better, starting with your own health status.

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