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Why is HealthMint a great place to work as a GP?

Be Valued as a Doctor and as a Member of our Team

Our aim is to create the best possible patient and GP experience.

Have you ever been annoyed when:

  • Stock runs out in your consulting room and no-one tops it up?
  • Receptionists over book your appointments, even though you’ve asked them not to?
  • You’ve been put in a consulting room with no natural light?
  • Your printer never seems to work?
  • Your patients don’t seem to value you?

We work hard to make sure these things don’t happen at HealthMint. With us, you can be sure that all the admin, stock replenishment, and day to day is taken care of, so you can focus on caring for your patients.

With HealthMint you can feel calm and in control

A beautiful space to work.
Efficient use of technology.

  • Consulting rooms full of natural light and a waiting room that makes people say ‘wow’ when they walk in.
  • A homely kitchen and dining table where you can relax with your colleagues.
  • A window bar where you can eat lunch, or sip your coffee during your breaks.
  • No other medical centre in Australia has worked out how to make a clinic work with mobile tablets. But we have! So you can get the benefit of typing up your notes in the kitchen over coffee, choose to work in any consulting room and move freely throughout the practice with your computer.
  • We have teamed up with an amazing IT management company that meticulously maintains our systems, and is available to step in whenever issues arise.

Pro-active billing education and support. Patients that value you.

  • Our patients are awesome! And our admin staff take the time to educate them about our costs, and why the healthcare service we provide is worth paying for.
  • As a GP in a private clinic – you won’t have to feel like a pen pusher and that all anyone wants from you is a medical certificate.
  • Have you ever been confused about which item numbers to use when, or what can be combined with what?
  • We understand that during your medical training, very little emphasis is placed on understanding and using the item numbers available to you. So we’ve put hours of work in writing up guides to help you understand and utilise the Medicare Billing Schedule, WorkCover, DVA etc so that you can deliver the best quality care, while being rewarded appropriately for your work.

Amazing admin and nursing support

  • We refer to our reception team as a ‘Healthcare Concierge,’ and we only hire the very best. And then we train them to follow our refined processes and procedures to make sure your day runs smoothly.
  • Over the years, our consulting rooms have never run out of stock because of how proactive and efficient our team is!
  • Our admin team really care about your needs – they will listen and learn from your feedback about structuring your appointment book and make it their mission to ensure you feel supported.
  • Our nurses are second to none. With skills in immunisations, chronic disease management, procedure support, spirometry and cervical screening – you are sure to feel supported.
  • The nursing team is also extremely pro-active – they will have the treatment room set up with correct equipment and materials before your procedures, pre-draft your CDM plans and regularly recall patients for ongoing healthcare delivery.

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